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Coaching and Consultancy


3-Month Coaching includes:

  • Private virtual 1:1 coaching sessions

  • Email/Text Support Monday - Friday

  • Unlimited access to all SBC coaching content

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*Payment plans are available


Organizational diversity consultant specializing in issues of equity, diversity and inclusion.

Example services include:
Higher Education Staff Professional Development
DEI Strategic Planning
Training and Development
- unconscious bias
-micro aggressions in the workplace
...and more.



*Hourly rates starting at $175/hr

Client Reviews


Diana M., Coaching Client

"Shan is authentic and supportive yet challenges me and provides resources in a way that never feels condescending or like she's just giving me the answer. SBC empowers me to take a hold of my own growth that honors and uplifts my experiences as a first generation professional and woman of color."

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Lani G., Coaching Client

"Shan is amazing at what she does. She helps me to reflect on my decisions , mindset, and actions without telling me what I "should" do. After meeting with her, I always feel more clear and reassured in my decisions. I leave feeling empowered."

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Jennifer D. , Coaching Client

"At first I felt unsure as I battled a lot of self doubt... I felt lost and drained from my past jobs and exhausted. I saw this as an opportunity to get out of burnout and turn my life in a new direction. When I began, I felt seen and honestly cared for. And toward the end of this coaching I feel energized and more clear on how I continue to prioritize me well being and spirit."

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Additional Resources

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