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Individual Coaching

Accountability | Transparency | Peace

About Me

My name is Shan Broom and I am a trauma-informed career mindfulness coach specializing in supporting Black women higher education professionals to identify, achieve, and surpass their goals. 

I have worked in higher education for 10+ working in a variety of positions including housing, diversity, equity and inclusion, admissions, student success, learning curriculum and design, and more! After encountering and healing from several traumatic professional experiences I made the decision to leave student affairs.

It was through these experiences that I realized the importance of personal and professional support systems for first-generation professionals of color.


And thus, Shan Broom Coaching was born!

Reclaim Your Power

A one of a kind one-on-one coaching program made by educators, for educators. 

"Reclaim Your Power" is a 6-month coaching program. The program offers a comprehensive approach to leadership development, focusing on trauma-informed practices, strategic thinking, stakeholder engagement, conflict resolution, and self-care. By working through the program, participants will gain the skills and strategies they need to succeed in leadership roles, overcome obstacles, and create positive change in their organizations.


With a combination of in-person coaching sessions and a comprehensive workbook, "Reclaim Your Power" offers a powerful and effective way for Black women to take their leadership to the next level.

1:1 Coaching


Individual virtual coaching that accommodates your schedule and allows you to get specific training specific to your experience and goals!

Access to SBC coaching curriculum including the "PowerPath Framework." Curriculum includes life time access* to videos, webinars, workbooks and more!

Community Engagement

Monthly group coaching and 24/7 access to a community of peers with access to group coaching where you learn from and inspire others in the community. 

*Lifetime access includes access to all "Reclaim Your Power" videos, webinars, and workshops only. 

Find The Peace You Deserve


Tfawa H.

"While this is not therapy, it feels full circle amplifying the self work I am doing in therapy and in my personal life to evaluate my thoughts and behaviors, combines accountability through behavioral change practices and writing to help me reach my goals. This is all accomplished with genuine support, honest and direct feedback grounded in humility, humor, and centers me as a whole person not just a worker participating in a capitalistic system. I very much appreciate being centered as a black, queer person, by a coach who celebrates me as a whole person and gives me the direct no fluff feedback that provokes thought, engagement and active behavioral change."

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